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Hi! My name is Romane. I grew up in France but I am now living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I'm a passionate creative with a technical mindset. My goal is to leave a positive impact with my work, as small as a smile on somebody's face.

got into photography in early 2016. I'm mostly self-taught, practicing at any occasion to improve my skills. I let myself being inspired by my everyday life, my travels and my friends.


My other passion is video production. Together with 2 friends, we got the chance to start our own video production company, Anthem Productions, and we are always looking forwards to new project to work on together.


Besides that, I am into sound engineering. I love doing recordings and live sound. I also enjoy doing foley work and mixing recorded songs. The studio is my home!

If you are interested in my work, or if you are just curious about it, feel free to contact me!