I Couldn't Live Without Music

I think it's one of my vital things : Music. There is never a day that I won't listen to music. I need it, it makes me feel good.

I started playing the piano when I was 7, but I got my love for music when I was born. When I was around 5 I think, I started singing along to all the songs I heard (my mom says I was a really bad singer then and as the years went by, I started hearing it so I worked on correcting myself and now, I'm fine and taking singing classes). I had piano classes for 7 years but then, I got enough of classical piano so I switched to focusing on singing. I didn't forget about my piano though, it was a good simple way for accompaniment.

But anyways, this year I got the chance to be in a really artistic school, where art is flowing everywhere. And this picture was taken during an immersive play, and one of the actors was improvising a song live, spreading a special atmosphere over the set, running his fingertips on the keyboard and making the notes fly!


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