Outdoor Portrait Project

I am taking a photography class and one of our latest project was about outdoor portrait photography. We had to make full body shots, medium shots and head shots.

I asked three of my friends if they would like to be models for me, they joyfully accepted! It was their first photoshoot for all of them, which put some pressure on me. I would have to direct them a lot on what poses to do but I remembered some tips that my best friend told me when we did a photoshoot together, my first photoshoot as a model (I was everything but comfortable in front of the camera!). Moreover, they didn't really know my photography work, so I had to prove them it was worth their time!

Before that project, I felt like I was more destined to landscape or wildlife photography, but it changed as soon as I saw how these photoshoot turned out! My friends were really nice models too, which may play a big part in my judgment.

I am now looking forward to more portrait photography. I hope other friends will accept to be my models for a few hours!


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