Starting A New Life

In october 2015, I decided to become an exchange student for the school year 2016-2017. I enrolled for a High School Program and chose to go to the United States. Sometimes, it takes such a long time to get placed that I received my destination 5 days before my departure date. These days went by so quickly!

And there I was, standing in the airport in Paris. I was waiting for that moment since November. It was time to say goodbye to my parents and my boyfriend. We were standing in the airport terminal, hugging for a long moment. It would be the last time I could do that until next June. It was truly heartbreaking but the excitement of starting a new adventure pushed me through the boarding gate. I caught a last glimpse of my beloved family and a few moments later, I was sitting on a plane to New York. Then begun my exchange year in the USA.

Looking at the clouds below the plane made me feel like a bird, migrating from one place to another. It was a weird feeling to think I wouldn't come back for 10 months. But the adventure that was waiting for me took away that feeling, and I watched the clouds pass by.


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