By The Lake

I took this picture in October 2016. At first, when I took it, I didn't like it much, but I never really delete picture I don't like. We never know, I might do something with it later. It's exactly what happened :

I came home and went through the picture I just took and saw this one. What I saw on my computer screen (and not on my camera screen), is that blue tone that had the mountains and the contrast it had with the "beach" of the lake. It gives a little fairy side to the picture. So I started working on it, although all I did were subtle adjustments.

In November 2016, I submitted this picture to the Photographer's Forum College & High School Photography Contest. 13.000 pictures were submitted and about 5% of them were selected for the finals. My picture was part of those 5%! I didn't get a honorable mention or a 1st-4th place, but I didn't even expect to be a finalist because I wasn't believing in myself.

Even if you think that something you did wasn't as good as what others may do, believe in yourself. We never know what may happen!


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