First Studio Photoshoot

In September, I met a photographer, Gary Quiring. He was like a mentor in photography to me, giving me advices, feedbacks and encouraging me to try new things. He even told me that if I needed his studio one day, he would be happy to let me use it. Of course, I didn't refuse and booked a day of photoshoot with two of my friends.

I played around metamorphosis and scale with Paola. It took us a long time to get her hair ready and adjust the lighting to get that "fairy" vibe to the picture. Later on, we found that huge teddy bear in the props room. We fell in love with it and we thought we had to put it in a picture.

Then it was Zach's turn to pose in front of the camera. He inspired me a different feel for the photos, I just felt like it needed to be classy and casual. Time flew and by the end of the photoshoot, it had already been 12 hours since I arrived in the studio.

It was scary at the beginning because I was unfamiliar with the gear and the studio itself. But after a day in there, I felt more confident and I discovered that I actually enjoyed studio portrait photography a lot more than I thought!

I can't wait to go back in the studio and do some more shoots!


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