Hawaiian Sunsets

I went to Hawaii for 10 days with other exchange students from Spain, Germany and Turkey. There were also three host siblings who came with us. We were on the island of Kauai, on the southern shore close to Poipu. All these pictures were taken on Poipu Beach.

We liked walking from our house to the beach to see the sunset around 6 p.m.. Some of them (Pablo on the left, and Braiden on the right) liked to show their soccer and back flip skills. Of course, I had to take some pictures and they liked it!

It felt like true paradise. We were not really talking, just enjoying the breeze, the sound of the waves breaking on the beach, feeling the sand under our feet. Even if the sunset was hiding behind the clouds, we could still appreciate the colors of the sky.

I love sunsets and sunrises, they are like a flow of peace coming right at me.


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