Senior Pictures

I am French. In France, we don't have a graduation ceremony for when we graduate and we don't make a lot around it to celebrate like they do in the United States. So this year, I discovered the concept of "Senior Pictures" which are meant to represent the senior year and to make graduation announcements.

I had the opportunity to shoot some of these pictures for my host sister and a friend of the family.

For my host sister, we took the photos on Table Mountain. The other photoshoot took place in Lower Bidwell Park.

It was the first time that I did a photoshoot for someone else's needs. It was interesting because I didn't do anything but take the pictures. The outfits, the hair style, the location were all chosen by the families of the models. It was hard to keep it to what I have been asked to shoot. I would have like to give more effects to some pictures but it was not a creative photoshoot, it was meant for senior pictures so I had to keep it as natural as possible. The other difficult thing is to keep up with the deadline. Since the graduation announcement had to be sent out soon, I only had a couple of weeks to work on both series of photos.

To be honest, I don't think I would do it again, or at least not with such a short period of time to edit the pictures. Anyway, I had a good time working with these two very funny and nice people.


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