I have always wanted to go to Yosemite. Not only because it's famous but because I've heard it was amazingly beautiful, and it was!!

I spent 2 days there.

The first day, I drove around the valley. Even though there was traffic, the air felt so fresh when I was sneaking out the window.

The forest is magnificent, so are the waterfalls. They were impressive, so powerful. It's like they were blowing water and air at the same time. It felt nice to be wet during such a hot day. On the way back from the Yosemite Falls, I saw that little squirrel near the water. When I came close, he froze, stared at me for the longest time then ran away. It was such a peculiar moment!

The second day, I went to Glacier Point from where I had the most impressive view on the valley. It was stunning. I sat on the edge of a cliff for a while (trying not to look down because I would be scared to death) and contemplating the view I had in front of me. It just seemed like I was looking at a big 360° movie screen. It looked too beautiful to be real, but it was real. So I enjoyed the beauty of it for as long as I could.


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