A Tourist In My Own Land

​It's by being far away from that you realize how much you can miss insignificant things. I missed the landscapes, I missed the architecture, I missed the history that was anchored in my country.

When I came back home, I decided I wanted to discover all the places I hadn't had the chance to see before, taking my car and driving to some remote locations. In this way, I rediscovered my birth place and found an amazing sight of it.

The first place I went to is the Tournel Castle. It was the home of the Tournel barony since the XII° century. The hike to the castle and especially to that viewpoint was not easy but so much worth it. It's hard to picture that I was walking on the same floors as some barons centuries ago.

The second castle belonged to the Champ lordship during the XV° century. I wish I could have gone inside the castle but people actually live in it. It must be peculiar to live in such a beautiful building.

The third one, Roquedols Castle, was the center of the Pourcarès Barony. It was built during the XVI° and XVII° centuries. It's too bad that it got abandoned at the beginning of the 20th century. So today, we can't go inside not approach the building too much. Anyways, I still went up the main front stairs to try to open the door to the courtyard.

The last place I went to is my town's hermitage. It's been closed for several years which makes the place quite creepy, especially by the end of the day when it's totally in the shade.


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