Texel Struûn Festival

A few weeks ago, our head of department at school chose 4 students to go to Texel Struûn Festival to be live sound engineers. He chose exclusively female engineers that time!

So we went to that beautiful island. Each of us got assigned to a stage. I was at the cafe De Zwaan. It was a really nice and cozy place. I had bands from all genres performing, about 5 a day. It was my first time engineering a concert on my own. I went through difficult and stressful moments, as well as amazing ones! The days were really long, but in the end, I was so happy I made it all work and sound good, on my own.

The festival's crew was really nice and helpful. There were a few times when I needed an extra hand and they helped me out. The atmosphere was friendly. It was funny to see that all of the bands were surprised (in a good way) to have a women doing sound for them. When I told them we were 4 on this festival, they were even more amazed. We're taking over!

Nevertheless, this weekend taught me so much. Practicing is definitely the best way to learn!


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