Skill Development Analysis

The audio industry is an man’s world. I think that being a woman feels like a weakness because we have to work much harder than men to prove ourselves. We tend to be underestimated from te moment we step into the room just because of our gender. How fair is that?

I have had multiple experiences where I was working along with other men. They were talking to each other, communicating informations about what we were doing but forgot to include me, or only asking the other person, a man, for help instead of me, not listening to my advices. During live events, I had similar experiences where the artists were asking for their « sound guy ». They were extremely surprised to hear that I was their audio engineer. I don’t entirely blame them; they aren’t used to see a woman working with them. It’s a new thing.

What encourages me, though, is that a lot of men still are pleased to see women stepping into the audio industry. Because of this situation, I really want to make what now feels like a disadvantage to me as an advantage. The first step is to know as much as I can about audio and apply it every time I’m at work. I have to strengthen my mindset to never break under pressure. I want to support women audio engineers and encourage men to also give more way to women in the industry, trust them, value them and their work.

After all, we are all on the same boat.


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