My Professional Development Plan

I am currently a student, therefore my professional development plan is large but defined.

Graduating from my audio engineering school is my priority for now since I don't have a fixed job yet. I want to obtain my Bachelor in Arts/Sciences with Honors. I am dedicated and passionate; I believe I will reach this objective.

Because of my student status, I can not have a full time job. This is why my second goal is to find an internship in a recording studio or in a live sound company. Until then, I am engaging myself in live sound as volunteer on several events. This gives me the opportunity to network with artists and professionals that may help me to find an internship.

Meanwhile, I'm also planning on starting to work for my company, RMSP, as a freelancer in audio engineering. My ambition is to do sound for events multiple times per month as well as working on recording, mixing and post-production projects by the end of my studies. I recently worked with a film director as sound designer and mixing engineer for his latest short movie. We appreciated working with each other; we are going to work on more projects in the future.

Once I am done studying, I wish to find work outside of the Netherlands, not because I don't like the industry here, only to broaden my knowledge in audio. Each culture has its own way of working and its own techniques when it comes to making music. I think it is important for me to know these different habits and approaches to music production in order to make myself more marketable internationally.

Within 5 years, I would like to be live sound engineer for a specific band or artist. I want to have the experience of touring for a few weeks or a few months. When I won't be on tour, I would like to have a steady sound engineer job in a recording studio.

Finally, my ultimate goal is to own my very own recording and mixing studio. My best wish is to build it close to a very well connected area, transportation-wise, but with calm and relaxing surroundings to ensure the best performance for the artists. I am looking forward to work with all genres of music and hopefully put in their productions all the knowledge I will have learned until then to make it unique and powerful.


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