Funk Band Recording

Two Sundays ago, I did a band recording with my studio teammate, Lee-Ann. We decided to record a 10-man band in the SSL studio at our school. It was our big challenge; we hadn't had one in a while.

We had our first lesson about that studio only a two weeks before hand and we were allowed to use it outside of class a few days before the recording date. We had to learn the desk as quick as possible for recording, so we spent 8 hours practicing signal flow to record this band. We were advised not to do it, but the challenge was so appealing that we did it anyways. If you never take risks, if you're scared to fail, then you won't learn anything new and you won't get any better.

So we started this journey. We did a solid pre-production, made a precise timetable for the day of the recording so we could keep track of time. From 10am until 12pm, we set all the microphones up and did a line check. Then, half of the band came in (drums, bass, guitar, keys & vocals). We recorded until 4pm then switched our setup for the winds (trumpet, trombone & 3 saxophones). It took us until 9pm to get the perfect takes for every parts of the two songs that we were working on that day.

We are proud of this recording. We weren't expecting such a good result and such smoothness in the process. The whole day went by so fast. The musicians were nice and talented people. It was a blessing to work with them.

Mix to be heard soon....


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