Shimasu Session #1

This session was very spontanueous, all improvised. We just planned for a fun jamming session with Kick (drums) and Boye (keys). We pushed the studio to it's limits in the setup using all 24 inputs. The drum kit was pretty simple: Kick, snare, floor tom, hi hat and 2 cymbals. We experiemented a lot of the kick. Our favorite microphone turned out to be an old telephone. Synths-wise, we had Ableton sounds, a Juno, a Prophet, a Hammond, a Mood and a Nord.

After a few takes, we realized this session had a lot of potential! The improvisations were really good considering they hadn't rehearsed or talked about what they were going to do before hand. After 8 hours, we had about 15 differents songs and moods. We were so happy about it that we decided to keep it going. More sessions are to come!!!


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