Development Night

Every once in a while, my school organizes what we call "Development Night". The concept of this is for the Game, Audio and Film departments to come together for a day to finish a game that students created.

We started of on Saturday at 12p.m.. A group of audio students recorded dialogues, foley and sound effects according to what the game needed. Another group edited all of these before giving to the last group who programmed it into the game. Some other students were just floating between the different jobs, helping out wherever they could.

For my part, I started off the day by going to the park to record some ambience with 3 friends. After that, we went into the studio to record the dialogues of the 4 main characters (I was Kim, the serious one). A film student was our director, she wrote the script for the story. It was a realy nice experience to be recorded. Whenever I can, I put myself in the position of the artist/person who is being recorded to know how it feels in the liveroom. In this way, I can understand the artists better once I'm recording them.

Around 10p.m., we put up a very nice barbecue with everyone participating. From that moment on, I took over taking pictures and videos of the event because nobody else was doing it. I did it to have great memories for everyone as well as for portfolio material for the students. So until 12p.m., I took pictures and videos, put all the clips together with the soundtrack of the game.

See the video below:

At 12p.m. Sunday morning, we were just a small group left but the amount of people who helped throughout those 24hours was bigger that I expected (over 40 in total). It was a really tiring but fun and interesting experience. Can't wait for the next one!


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