Starfish Cover

A couple of months ago, the band Starfish released a song called "Waves Don't Die". No so long ago, Mats, the lead singer, and Lukas, a friend, came up to me and asked if Lee-Ann and I wanted to record a cover of that song. It was with only guitar, saxophone and vocals. We thought "why not". Another member of the band also filmed the recording (video coming soon).

We wanted as much separation as possible so we decided to put Mats (guitar and vocals) in the main liveroom and Lukas (sax) in the booth. We also did a few takes at the end with both musicians in the main liveroom, for the video. It turned out that those few takes sounded good even if the spill from the saxophone was very present.

It was an uncomon choice of instrumentation for a cover I would say, but it worked out very well. The mixed version is going to be released soon, with the video. I'll keep you posted!

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