Last term, I had an EP project assignment to do with 3 friends of mine. We had to find a band who was willing to record 4 original songs; the genre we wanted to work with was up to us. We decided to go for jazz. One of our friends was actually thinking about putting a jazz band together, and this was a good reason to do it; JSDP came together!

They had prepared 3 orginal songs and a rearrangement of Infant Eyes, originally played by Wayne Shorter. Influenced by Mehliana, Christian Scott, Kneebody, Kamaal Williams and Herbie Hancock, the quintet, they brought hip-hop and funk elements into their jazz sound. They wanted to create music that is new, experimental and spontaneous. This is also what challenged us to record them.

We recorded, mixed and mastered the EP. We each had one song to focus on, which was a good practice to work together through each stage to make it sound like an EP. We also limited studio time (4 hours of mixing, 2 hours of mastering each) which pushed us to be very productive and show the best we could do in that limited amount of time.

Listen to Infant Eyes by JSDP below:


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