10/2019 - JENNIE LENA

Drums, bass, guitar, keys, percussion, vocals for her new album

   2018/2019 - AV3RTO



Drums recording

   08/2019 - BYERA

Vocals for Starlight

   06/2019 - 09/2019 - BRYNJA

Vocals for Fight, Breathe & Light Headed

   13/09/2019 - HIZZLE RIZZLE

Vocals for Ik Doe Lekker Wat Ik Wil

   03/2019 - SOUND OF THE SPIRIT

Choir EP recording with live band

   02/2019 - THE ARTIFICIAL

EP recording (drums, bass, guitar, keys, vocals)

   20/01/2019 - MATS ADMIRAAL

EP recording

   19/01/2019 - STARFISH

Demo recording for their next EP

   12/2018 - JAHLISA JADE

Drums, guitar and vocals recording for covers of I Miss You and Delicate

   04/11/2018 - JSDP

Experimental jazz EP recording with drums, synths, guitar, trumpet and saxophone

   09/2018 - ELYAH NEIZER

Drums tracking for a pop production

   13/09/2018 - GERMAN MARGON

Flute recording for his short movie Sunset

   08/09/2018 - STARFISH

Live session recording for online video

  09-12/2018 - NANCY MAKIESE

Guitar, vocals, xylophone and choir for the single You Are Home

   12/07/2018 - SHIMASU

Drums and synths duo session #2

  05-08/2018 - RENDALL HEYE

Trumpet and drums tracking for an EP 

   06-08/2018 - LOVE THE SYSTEM

Album tracking for drums, guitar, vocals, bass and horns

   08/05/2018 - SKIFF

Folk EP recording with drums, bass, synths, guitar and vocals for At Least and Gold

   07/05/2018 - ZO! GOSPEL CHOIR

Recording for their upcoming show for the songs This Is Me and Jesus Walks

   06/05/2018 - VASCO & TIAGO

Experimental duo with drums and guitar for a demo

   04/05/2018 - STARFISH

Acoustic cover of Waves Don't Die with saxophone

   03/05/2018 - ANNEMARIE

Single recording with drums, keys, guitar, bass, violin and vocals

   02/05/2018 - SHIMASU

Drums and synths duo improvisation session

   04/2018 - SARAH-JANE

EP of an acoustic version of 4 songs of her Black Magic album

    31/03/2018 - JASMINE KARIMOVA

Acoustic version of Curled Up

    17/03/2018 - ROYAL FUNK FAMILY 

Drums, bass, guitar, keys, saxophone, trumpet, trombone and vocals for covers of Can't Hide Love and You Give Me

   01/03/2018 - INU INU

Bass, guitar, drums, synths and vocals recording for Sauerkraut and Spice

   27/01/2018 - JEDITAH

Cello recording for Crush


   11/2018 - JSDP


   12/2018 - JAHLISA JADE

Covers of I Miss You (by Clean Bandit) and Delicate (by Taylor Swift)

   12/2018 - NANCY MAKIESE

Single You Are Home

  11/2018 - STERRE NACCA x CRZE

Single Meining


Acoustic version of Curled Up

   03/2018 - ROYAL FUNK FAMILY

Cover of Can't Hide Love (by Earth, Wind and Fire)