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About Me

Born and raised in Southern France, I took an interest for creative fields early on. Whether it was through ballet, acting or singing, I could let my creativity out. After graduating high school, I had the opportunity to live in California for a year before moving to the Netherlands where I would spend the next 4 years of my life. Back in France since 2021, I look forward to be able to live and work abroad again.
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My Curriculum

After graduating high school with a science major, I had the chance to explore jobs in the creative industry during my time in California. I became very interested in sound engineering, both in studio work and live events. Thus, I followed a course in audio engineering at SAE Institue Amsterdam, from which I obtained a Bachelor in Science with Honors. As the Covid pandemic struck the industry by the time I graduated, I decided to next enroll in the first year of a Communication Science program before moving to Paris to do a Masters degree in audiovisual production direction.

My Professional Experience

During my time in the United States, I acquired a lot of experience in live sound engineering. Once in the Netherlands, I started my own company and I became specialized in recording engineering. Meanwhile, I was more and more involved in cinematographic productions, first as a sound engineer then progressively as a producer. By the time I obtained my Bachelor's degree, I was working on more cinematographic productions than recording engineering projects. Thus, I now work towards developing my audiovisual production career to ultimately create my own production company.

On the side, I also founded a French non-profit organization called "R.M.P.I" that aims to help and support creative projects that promote cultural development.

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